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How to fill Online Driving License Registration Form 2022

The Department of Transportation Management resumed its operation of the Online Driving License Registration Form in Nepal, which was paused because of the Covid-19 pandemic globally. However, as the limitations were released, DOTM officially commenced taking exams for driving licenses on Tuesday,29 December 2020.

The excited and frustrated applicants were finally relieved to take the exam and get their driving license. However, due to the poor management of the website and server, many applicants were disappointed apparently. And the problem where one cannot submit their application is still occurring.

So, let’s see how you can fill up your online driving license form from Nepal and submit your application more conveniently.

Step 1: Visit the official site for the Online Driving License Form

You can register your online driving license form from Kathmandu or any other district within Nepal. The application submission time is from 6 AM to 10 PM. However, all the quota will be already fulfilled if you fill up late. Make sure you submit your application from 6 AM to 7 AM, where the chances of approval are maximum.


Online Driving License Registration

Once you visit that website, you will see the following page. Click on ONLINE DRIVING LICENSE REGISTRATION to move further.

Step 2: Selecting New License

After you move to the new page, you will reach the Citizenship Detail page, where you must choose New License.

New License | Online Driving License Registration

Once you choose NEW LICENSE, click on proceed, and you will reach to Online Driving License Registration form.

Step 3: Fill Up your Online Driving License Form

This is the main and most challenging part when filling your driving license in Nepal. Mainly there are three sections in your driving license registration.

  • Demographic Details
  • Address Details
  • Exam Information

Demographic Details

Online Driving License Form | Demographic Details
*Father’s Name, * Father’s Last name

I have listed some of the essential details. For something you can get confused about, I will explain it below.

Age:You don’t need to enter age. Just fill up your DOB and move the cursor to age.
Citizenship No.Don’t forget the (-) to include in your Citizenship no.
Identity MarkIt can represent you—a scar, a Birthmark, in case of accidents.
Witness relationWrite about your parents’ names: Father, Mother, Brother/Sister.
TrainerYou are not required if you are given a trail of two-wheelers.

Demographic details are finished. The next part is Address Details. Just scroll down to fill up the remaining form.

Address Details

Online Driving License Form | Address Details

The best hint I can give you regarding this is to fill up the Address Details section first and move to other areas. Sometimes due to the server’s lag, the districts and villages won’t be loaded. To be on the safe side.

Exam Information

This is the last part while filling your online driving license form. Just select the category you want to give a trial. hoose A for two-wheelers.

image 5

Once you select the category, choose where you want to give your trial. You are all ready to go.

Step 4: Checking Up Captcha

image 6

Type the words written in the box and hit the Submit icon.

If there is any allotment left and your application is submitted, you will receive a pdf file that you must download and print to present on a required day.

7 tips to make your Online Driving License Form get submitted

  • Try to fill up your form between 6 Am to 7 Am.
  • The form will be submitted if only there is any quota left. So, try reloading the captcha to check if the server is still working.
  • Fill up the Address details first and then other details later
  • The numbers are noneditable so fill the numbers properly.
  • Re-Registration After expiry of appointment date of Transport Management Office visit will be allowed only after 15 days
  • Re-Registration will be allowed only after 90 days in the case of exam failure

The 7th Tip is to do your best and has confidence in yourself.

I wish you luck with your Driving License Trail.
There will be frequent issues while registering online driving license forms in Nepal unless we have a corrupt-free government in every department. Meanwhile, good luck getting your license, and I will soon update you about the percentage system in driving license as well.

P.s – Visit the official site at:

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the online driving license form currently open in Nepal?

The application for the online driving license form is currently open (Jan 13, 2022). However, due to the huge number of previous applicants, your turn for submitting applications may be very late.

How can I register my driving license form online from Kathmandu in 2022?

To register your driving license form online visit the official website of Transportation and Management: To find what to fill in the form, visit this blog.

How much does it cost to get a driving license in Nepal?

Legally, for two-wheelers, you are required to pay Rs.500 for registration, Rs. 50 to Rs.100 for tokens and Rs.1500 once you pass the driving license exam.

How can I check my smart driving license status online in Nepal?

To check your smart driving license online in Nepal, send a text message at 33001 from mobile with “LC<space><Applicant ID>”

How to check my Written Test result online?

To check the status of the Written-test, send a text message from your phone. Write ” WT <space><Applicant ID>” and send it to 33001.

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