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Start your Content Writing Career Easily in 2022

Hey there everyone, recently I have been engaging in my Instagram channel and a lot of you asked me about content writing tips. So today, I am going to start a content series on how you can be a content writer and earn from it.

So, let’s get started.

A Good Content Writer Reads a lot of Content

Almost every content writer does their research or reads tons of content. Whether they are providing content writing services or writing on their own, it’s a good idea to check out what others are writing. I mean, the first to get success is to learn for the ones who are already successful right? So, read more and more articles. Follow the topic they are providing content on, follow the strategy your best publishers or writers follow. Once you start consuming more content, you will be ready to write one.

Set Up a Medium Account, BlogSpot, or host a website

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Setting up a BlogSpot or personal website at an initial phase is quite complex, so we will leave that for now. Let’s take a look at Medium for starting your career as a beginner Content Writer.

The first thing you need to create is a Medium account. Medium is an open platform where different writers and readers are engaging on the topic they are interested in. Suppose if I am on medium and I like things about Digital Marketing, either I write content related to digital marketing or anything, and there are readers interested in digital marketing who will read your content if it performs well.

So, it’s not a big hustle to create an account there. You can also sign up using your Gmail or Facebook. The more you use Medium, the more you will get used to. And what’s interesting is Medium is paying $500 to writers whose article gets listed on Top 1000 performing articles. Hurry up, it’s not late to start now.

Choose a niche

One thing most of the us do is go random. We will write whatever we like. For a week we will write about Pets, then next week we will be writing about Crypto currencies. We keep changing. I have done that, and I strongly suggest you to not do that.

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The thing is when you choose a niche, you can go much deeper about that niche and work on it. After some time, you will have a much broader knowledge of that niche. You can land high-paying clients, you can be happy, you won’t think like you are working. And it has much of much importance in content writing. Like writing about affiliate products in that niche.

To choose a niche, list down things that you are interested in. Once you list your interests, search Google about those interests. Is your niche pretty active in the social engine, what type of readers will read your article if you write one, and finally, can you earn from that? These things are important if you want to make a side hustle that will earn later. So think about it. What is that you want to read? Or what is that you want to write about? Could be anything from “How to download images from computers?” to “Top 5 Hot Celebrities”.

Write, Read, Edit and Repeat

To start with, choose a random topic and start writing about it. Write anything you want. Just follow your heart and mind. Once you have reached a point, I can only write this much. Go back where you started and re-read your content. Make the basic changes that you feel necessary. This is extremely useful when you start as a beginner content writer.

After you are done, go to google and search for the topic. Read the top 5 articles. Analyze them. Note what subheadings they have written, what data they have shown. Collect points from their articles.

Go back to your content and look at what you are missing. Think about how your content can be better than theirs. Don’t try to make content that looks like theirs. And never ever, copy the same sentence as theirs.

Once you have prepared the mindset, edit your content. Edit your content again and again, until it looks perfect.

Tools you can use for Content Writing

So you have prepared your content, now it’s time to give your content a final touch. There are several tools you can use to make your content better. But personally, I use these:

Sharethrough: For Headline Analyzer

In content writing, most of the time, Titles are given by the ones who give you work. So you don’t have to think about editing. Anyways, if your title isn’t attractive then it’s likely to get fewer readers. So, analyze your headings before you publish your content.

Grammarly: For fixing Grammatical Errors

One of the most important tools for content writers is getting a plugin that corrects grammatical errors. I have been using Grammarly since day 1 and it eliminates my minor errors. This is also available for premium which has many features. But for beginner content writers, Grammarly’s free plan also works fine.

Statista: For searching Statics about certain topics

I won’t say using statistics in your content is the best content writing tip you will ever get in content writing. But what I can recommend is that using statistics in your content will make your content valuable and powerful. Real data are proof that you have done the research and you provide valuable content to the community. So next time you want to find the numbers related to something you know where to search.

There are so many and so better tools out there, that you won’t ever feel a problem about writing good content. Remember content writing is about delivering content to your audience. So it’s very important as a content writer, to know the targeted audience. Another great tip about content writing would be focusing on SEO.

Almost every business want to improve their ranking on search engines. And that is what SEO is about – improving Search Engine Ranks. Search Engine Optimization is not as difficult as it sounds. Once you understand the basics of On-Page SEO it will be much easier for you.

Also, if you want to grow your career in Instagram growth, I have written a blog on how using Instagram hashtags helps to grow your Instagram account.

I will be making much more content for beginner content writers and provide content writing tips to the content writers. So stay updated and connected for further updates.

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