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What Is Cryptocurrency and 5 tips on how you start investing in it 2022?

As soon as the world has shifted to lock down the digital era made a huge impact on cryptocurrencies and other digital wallets. While everyone was staying silently in lockdown, the cryptocurrency just shifted to a new level. So, what exactly is a cryptocurrency, right? In this blog I will let you know about cryptocurrency, how can we invest in it or buy it, and some tips that you should know before you put on your hands and wallet in crypto currency.

So, Let’s get started!

Cryptocurrency is the digital form of money (currency) which has no physical existence. Today there are plenty of ways on how crypto currencies are used, saved and earned. This digital currency opens the gates for various shopping platforms, trading sources, and gaining it’s popularity day by bay.

Crypto Currency

What is Cryptocurrency?

Earlier on 18 August 2008, Bitcoin was registered as the first cryptocurrency ever. After then several cryptocurrencies were released and created. Cryptocurrency derived from two basic words “Encryption and Currency”. In other words, a cryptocurrency is just a form of digital currency that is encrypted by a serious level of codes.

Crypto currency uses a technology called block-chain which helps to generate the value as well as is a major part of its security. If you don’t know what block chain is, it is a system of technology that records information across several computers through a decentralized technology. Also the security with block chain becomes so tough that, it is almost impossible to hack, cheat or alter the system.

So, there are different crypto currencies that you can’t even think of. There are more than 6,700 different crypto currencies that are traded globally. Come on, let’s have a look on some of the bests crypto currencies below.

Which is the best Cryptocurrency? Are they profitable?

CryptocurrencyMarket Capitalization
Bitcoin$210.5 billion
Ethereum$48.6 billion
Tether$13.6 billion
XRP$12.2 billion
Chainlink$5.1 billion
Polkadot$5 billion
Bitcoin Cash$4.9 billion
Litecoin$3.8 billion
Binance Coin$3.5 billion Coin$3.4 billion

Even if you live in the farthest part of the world, there’s the slightest possibility that you have heard of Bitcoin. Now if you are reading this, I am quite sure that you have heard about Bitcoin (BTC), right? Among 6,700 cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin ranks the first in position and currently worths more than any other crypto currency.

As of current time frame, for 1 BTC = USD 18,299. This may fluctuate time and again but this is what Bitcoin worth’s while I am writing this blog. Similarly, some of the most powerful and useful cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin (BTC), Chain-link (Link), Ethereum(ETH).

How to Invest in Crypto currency?

As the digital currency has no physical existence there are lots of people falling under scams. People tend to buy cryptocurrencies mainly Bitcoin at cheaper amount but falls under the victim of scammers.

Note this, you cannot nither go to court, not have insurance nor claim to be frauded when you spend money to buy bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies. Because of this reason, scammers are targeting inexperienced people and looting their money.

I have listed some of the legit wallets and platforms that carry a history of trading cryptocurrencies with them so that you wouldn’t fall into the hands of other scammers.

Coinbase – One of the best legit platform to buy and sell cryptocurrency

Coinbase | Cryptocurrency

Among all the platforms I have found Coinbase to be one of the suitable and easier places to buy, sell, and track your bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies record. Also, it is easier to buy and sell bitcoins here.

Earn free Cryptocurrency | Coinbase

The best thing about Coinbase is that it lets you earn up to $132 worth of cryptocurrency and also more when you watch videos and learn about other cryptocurrencies. So what are you waiting for, register now, and step up in the cryptocurrency market?

Phemex Market: The next platform in CryptoCurrency

If you want to invest in crypto currencies or digital currencies then these two platforms are the beginners guide for you. You don’t need to think twice before you buy any crypto currencies like Bitcoin.

Register through this link or use Invitation code = HKV7Q and get a massive bonus of $80 once you complete a trade with your digital currency. Unlike Coinbase, Phemex Market doesn’t have the read to earn feature, so you need to make some deposit and complete the trade to get the whipping bonus of $80. See, the profit of $80 within some minutes.

Besides that, you can deposit funds through PayPal, Credit Card. So what are you waiting for?

Phenmex Market | Crypto currency | $60 Bonus

Additionally, you will also get access to 7 Days premium trial and 10%off on your contract taker fee. What’s amazing about this program is that you can buy cryptocurrencies like Bitcoins from as less as USD $10 to as much as USD $10,000. Buy these digital currencies and make money online. Their rate keeps fluctuating so, wait for it, and if you see a profit sell it.

Oh, you don’t know how to sell it, read below to learn how you can turn your cryptocurrencies into massive profits, just within a few days.

How can I sell my Cryptocurrency?

Once you drop some buck to buy Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies you either save them for future use, use them to buy goods or services, or trade them. Trading cryptocurrencies are easy. It’s similar to investing in the stock market. Once the value of that particular cryptocurrency rises you can sell it and make a profit.

I also use bybit to track records of Bitcoin. You can create your account here and receive a whooping bonus of $130. Track when you buy bitcoin and then wait for couple of days. If the price increases sell it. Else again wait for it. The more you invest the more you earn it.

Bitcoin Trade | Trade Chart for Crypto Currency

My thoughts on Cryptocurrency

There are already so many fake promises and so many fake websites that promise you to become a millionaire overnight just like this Done for you Services that guarantees you raining dollars but nothing’s right with it.

You will see comments in someone’s post at Instagram or Facebook that they are making 5 figures income online. Unlike them, I have genuinely worked with some of the programs and strategies that makes money online. And trading with crypotcurreincies from legit websites, is one of them.

I suggest that before you invest huge money on cryptocurrencies, buy cryptocurrencies from Coinbase, Phemex, bybit, and even PayPal nowadays for $20. Trade them and see if you will get legit money or not. Once you trust them. Slowly increase your $20 to $200 and $200 to $2,000.

Trade at your own risk. I don't grantee the money to rise only but can fall as well. It's upon you that you observe the prices and make a trade.

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