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How to Change your Instagram Icon on your Android or iPhone in 6 easy steps?

After the latest update of Instagram, you can change your Insta app icon to its old version as well as other different versions including Codename(prelaunch), Orignal, Classic, Classic 2, Twilight, Sunrise, Aurora, Pride, Gold, Dark, Light and Very Dark.


Instagram completed a decade on the Internet on 10 October 2020. Celebrating its 10th birthday, Instagram released an update where you could change its app icon to its oldest version as well as 7 other versions. This option to make your Instagram icon change stays throughout the month of October 2020. So, are you excited to change the app icon? Here’s how you do it.

Let’s get started with Instagram Icon

First, go on your Appstore/ Playstore and update your Instagram to the latest update if you haven’t. Once you have updated your Insta app, then go to your updated Insta app.

Below are the images used from Android Phone, however iPhone have similar steps as well, so it won’t be a problem.

On the app click on the My Account icon on the bottom right corner in the app.


Once you tap your account icon. You will see the three lines like an icon of a burger. Tap it.


After you tap that icon you will see a Settings icon which is just at the bottom of menu panel after you click the above icon.


After you click the Settings icon you will see some items in Settings. Hold the screen and pull it below. After that you will see some emoji’s and then release it.


Congrats. You have unlocked the gift from Instagram. Now you can see different icons in the panel. You can see which icon Insta used during its pre-launch, which icon it used during its first launch and many more. The first official icon of Instagram was launched on 6 October 2010, naming the icon as Orignal.


Now select what you liked the most from the icons. You can tap the icon and confirm to add it in the homescreen.


Now you can tap the add icon and hurray, you have got your new Insta mobile icon. Enjoy flashing it.

You can go back and do the same thing to get your Instagram icon back to normal. Also follow me on Insta at sumir_rimus

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