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Will Moru Digital Wallet replaces all the eWallets in Nepal? | Moru App Review

With back to back launch of so many digital wallets in Nepal, Moru Digital Wallet surprisingly bangs the market and takes it place.

Moru Digital Wallet with the motto of अब डिजिटल जीवन शुरु (the beginning of digital life) gets the license of operation from Nepal Rastra Bank at Shrawan 15, 2076 B.S (August 1, 2019). Developed by the company Pay Nep Private Limited, Moru is now the sixth Payment Service Provider of Nepal by receiving its license from Nepal Rastra Bank.

Let’s dig more about Moru Digital Wallet,

Introuduction to Moru Digital Wallet

Moru Digital Wallet Banner

While the eWallets are growing like mushrooms in the Nepalese market, Moru definitely came with a unique and bold idea of making transaction free. Like other digital wallets, Moru has all other basic facilities and even some extra amazing stuff under its sleeve.

Basically, with Moru, you can make a Mobile Topup, Connect IPS, Load and transfer fund, ask for a fund, and pay your Landline bills, Electricity Bills, Khane Pani water bills, book flight tickets, movies tickets, pay your internet bills, recharge your television cable, grab a life insurance deal, and also Ncell Data Voice Pack.

One thing which I find mind-blowing is that these all transactions are free of cost. Which means you are only paying the amount of your bill. On top of that, it also gives discounts on payments like Mobile Top-up and Landline (currently 3%).

What makes Moru Digital Wallet different from all other wallets?

Moru Free Bank Transfer

Apart from taking no charges for any transaction, Moru also provides non-banking related services. Something new I have found in Moru was that you can check your Internet Connection Speed through the Moru app as well.

Moru DIgital Wallet| Internet Speed Checker
Moru Digital Wallet| Internet Speed Checker

The next thing we can find in the Moru app is that it is super easy to use. There are no difficulties with the procedures, it’s easy to use and the UI is beautiful. We can see the effort Moru has put to make it accessible to users of every age group.

Flaws onMoru Digital Wallet

Moru hasn’t updated features like Refer and Earn, International Payment Gateway like Unelma Pay. There are other things that Moru needs to improve as well. In other words, with the flawless scheme of not taking any charges, Moru needs to add big cashback services. Also, the little KYC verification was messed in my Mobile App. it took more than 15 minutes and was still being processed. I switched to the web app of Moru and continued from there.

Overall, after some improvements, I believe Moru Digital wallet will hit big. The no-charge services are so amazing that I use Moru for transferring the balance into someone’s account.

Update: Moru Digital wallet Refer and Earn scheme is back. You wil get a personal code and a sharing link through which your refferals have to install the account and sign up.

Creating an account on Moru wallet

Firstly, download Moru on your smart phone, (Android), (ios) and then head up to Register an account .

  • Enter your mobile phone number
  • Wait for the verification code to arrive
  • Fill Up your basic Details

And you are set to go. After you create your account you need to verify yourself by filling up the KYC form.

Details of KYC Form:-

  • First Name, Middle Name, Last Name
  • Father’s Name
  • Mother’s Name
  • Grand Father’s Name
  • Occupation
  • Gender
  • DOB
  • Address
  • Citizenship Number

Other Documents:-

  • Front page of (Citizenship, License, Passport)
  • Back Page of (Citizenship, License, Passport)

BONUS Schemes and Charges

For now, there aren’t many bonus schemes with Moru Digital Wallet but only a few where it gives 3% cashback, and in some payments, you can save up to Rs.100.

About the charges, recently it’s cost less. Meaning there won’t be any charges if you make a transaction from the Moru app. That makes it the best app to use in the market currently.

Can Moru Digital Wallet replace the other eWallets?

With the hype of digital wallets on market like eSewa, Khalti, IME pay, there’s a tough conditions for Moru ahead. If Moru Ditgital Wallet focuses on providing eCommerce Transaction from stores like Daraz, Sasto Deal makeing the charge free transaction then it can really pull it off.

Also read my review on Unelma Pay App which provides international transaction but it’s quite opposite to Moru.

See you there.

Contact MORU- Power to The People

Official WebsiteMORU- Power to The People
Phone Number+977 9801035348
Facebook PageMoru Digital Wallet
Location 3rd Floor, Nirdhan Bhawan, Bhagwati Bahal, Naxal-1 Kathmandu, Nepal

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