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Unelma Pay: Review 2022 | Transfer and Receive money from International Wallet

While Nepal Rastra Bank Policies play a significant role in not allowing money transactions in foreign currency, receiving and transferring money to international wallets has a considerable impact on youths and citizens of Nepal.

When Other Mobile Banking apps and Digital wallets perform their operation within the country’s boundaries, Unelma Pay has made a significant jump on the digital wallet industry in Nepal. So, let’s see how to use this Unelma Pay app and its features.

Unelma Pay | Digital Wallet

How to Set up your Unelma Pay Account

First, download the mobile app to your phone or visit the Unelma Pay login website and fill-up the form. It’s super easy and won’t take much time.

I will guide you through this, don’t worry.

Unelma Pay Sign Up
  • Fill Up the basic details as shown in the picture aside.
  • Not that you have to create your own UnnelmaPay Id (for example, I have created my id as Sumir101. It may not be available sometimes but you change your Id a bit.

  • Provide your Mobile Number in the Phone field.
  • Agree to all the terms and conditions.
  • Now you are ready to go.
  • Click Register

Verifying your account

There are two steps in verifying your Unelma Pay account: Standard Verification and Extended Verification once you have completed your registration and verified your UPay account.

Head up to the Upay Login panel.

image 1

After you successfully login into your Unelma Account. Hit the admin icon in the upper right corner. That will take you to account settings.

Click the verification button and complete your KYC form.

Notice how my Extended Verification is confirmed. Here’s what you need.

  • Your Address
  • Postal Code/ Zip Code (You can search it in Google | For Kathmandu – 44600)
  • Photo of Citizenship (both front and back)
  • Address verification (voter id, license, passport, bank statement)

Note: While you attach your second document, ensure it’s proper and correct. I like how they called me for verification. It sounds like they are strict with that.

Also, it would be best if you got your extended confirmation verified to do the international transaction.

Making International Payment Through Unelma Pay: PayPal, Payoneer, and many more

After verifying your account, you are all ready to make a transaction. But if you want to withdraw your fund from PayPal, Payoneer, IPS, you have to do a small thing first.

That is Go to your account setting -> Billing Setting.

You will see a lot of options to connect your account through. Once you have done that, you can load or withdraw your amount.

image 2

It’s just easy. Once you write down your account id and save it, you can make your transaction.

Cons about Unelma Pay: Exchange Rate in Unelma

There’s no doubt that Unelma is giving excellent services that will help thousands of people and save their time. But there’s something Unelma needs to improve on.

It’s the current exchange rate. For example, if you want to withdraw or transfer your money from your PayPal account, Unelma charges $7 for a $25 transaction.

The Nepali rate is almost Rs.835 for Rs.2,985 transactions. And this doesn’t end here. If you try the larger amount, the rate increases. It’s 9% + 4.95.

There are different rates for different methods of transaction. Make sure to give it a look.

Unelma Pay: 15 Rs. Bonus

Thanks for reading up here. I hope you enjoyed my Unelma Pay Review and a blog about how to set up our own Unelma Pay account.

Create your account from the below link to enjoy the Rs.15 bonus you can use anywhere. Also, not to mention its other features, Unelma Pay provides other services like FonePay, Esewa, and Khalti.

image 3

You will get your bonus after you have completed Extended verification. Enjoy.

What is UnelmaPay?

Unelma Pay | Digital Wallet

Unelma Pay, unlike eSewa and Khalti, is an e-wallet, that has an online payment gateway for both national and international transactions.

Is Unelma Pay Legit?

UnelmaPay claims itself of being PCI-DSS certified and armed with 3D secure authentication and a dual-layer fraud protection system. In short, your transaction is 100% safe through Unelma pay.

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