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A Nightmare That kept me Alive – Part 1

Someone from her deathbed calls your name repeatedly. I might be a normal person but on the mirror side, everyone was unifying to make me meet her. This is a nightmare that didn’t begin a long ago. But when I look back it still takes my earth away.

She was happy with her guy. Maybe, with me too. But, this is life and we all pretty know we can’t make everyone happy. So, I was the unlucky one. We like to live with the person we love. But you know your fate is like hell. Can you love someone so much that you don’t want to spend your days with the person you love? Only just because he will get hurt later on.

I was on the side bench at the Hospital. Someone from the room said loudly. “Sumir! Sumir!” she is taking his name again. Her parents in front of me wiping their tears. Finally, we could complete it. Both of them looked at each other than at me. After that, I went to be her bed. My mind goes black. I was literally paralyzed, seeing her in that condition. She was unable to move her body parts except for her mouth and mind. Though, doctors told me she cried for the first time today. Damn, I was filled with filth.

I took her in my arms, whispered near her ear “ I still love you, baby.” She whispered back “I am sorry, baby”.Life shouldn’t go like that. After all, it’s not a movie. You make your decision to leave her. Not to see her. Not to think her. But wouldn’t you melt knowing her only wish is to meet you, see you? She only thinks about you. Am I being fooled?. The girl I loved, chooses someone else, and again she in her deathbed calls you?? I was undergoing a constant loop? I didn’t know if I wanted to slap her just because she cared for me and didn’t allow me to care for her knowing she would be this way.

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      Glad that you loved it. I will be writing about part 2 soon after my exams end. Be sure to check it out.

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    Ambika Magar

    Wow,such a lovely story. When will you release a second part of it??

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